TRAFALGAR MARINE TECHNOLOGY LTD is a developer and manufacturer of bespoke Laminated Ferrocement solutions for fixed, floating and submerged structures.

Trafalgar Marine Technology Ltd is based in the UK and we specialise in Concrete Pontoon Structures for the Marine Environments. The company incorporates 3 of the world leading Ferrocement Consultants and has demonstrated previous success in Ferrocement Technology and the application to the Marine Sectors. Michael Pemberton was the CEO of Ferrocement Laminates UK Ltd, and was formed with an international board of directors, all Ferrocement enthusiasts. The Company started production in a dockside warehouse in the centre of Leeds in 1982 and produced pontoons for the Caledonian Canal hire cruiser business. (Highlands and Islands Development Board) and a floating petrol station for the new Hull Marina The floating petrol station was floated down the canal from Leeds and into the  River Humber for subsequent installation in Hull marina.

In 1983 Ferrocement Laminates were approached by engineers Ove Arup and the Architect Renzo Piano to research and produce Ferrocement leaves for the roof of the Demenil Museum being constructed in Houston, Texas. Ferrocement Laminates UK Ltd obtained the order to manufacture and deliver to Texas all the white leaf elements for the Demenil Museum Roof. The architect and engineers and main contractor had spent the previous two years trying to perfect a method of construction for the leaves which were an essential part of the design already sold to the museum owners. Throughout 1984 all the leaves, 360 in total and approximately 900 tons, were manufactured to the highest possible standards in Leeds and shipped in containers to Texas.

“If you put steel into the Oceans then better wrap that steel in concrete – otherwise the costs of maintaining the steel will dissipate the revenue earned by the Device, which in turn reduces the `bottom line’ TMT manufactures super concrete in thin sections to cover and protect steel and to replace steel in the marine environment”

CAPEX and OPEX can be reduced by the application of our laminated concrete systems. Our Team has developed new innovations in laminated ferrocement and concrete construction systems for applications to marine renewable energy structures.

Reference: “The paper by Pemberton and Tucker gave a view of what is to come for structures in marine situations using spray and laminating techniques to produce high quality and high strength to weight ratio materials requiring low maintenance as an alternative to steel.”

Congress Review Dundee 2012  Professor Peter Hewlett, Visiting Professor, University of Dundee and Director of Research to the David Ball Group.